Smelling for Love

We humans, tend to ponder the age old question, “What is going on in our dog’s mind?”

Are they deliberating over when to take their next nap, ruminating on when to destroy the whole toilet paper roll or just pondering a potty break…

As we spend time over analyzing their thought process, it is fortunate, that we do not have to question whether or not they love us. They symbolize their love towards us with actions, such as wagging their tails, laying on our laps, or even stealing most of our personal space on the bed.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and what we don’t know is a man is a dog’s true home.

Source: Shutterstock

In fact, a recent study has shown how our canine companions consider us as family.

How did one find this out? Well, a dog’s nose certainly pinpointed out their top-priority.


The study entailed an order processing through neuroimaging done by Gregory S. Berns, Andrew M. Brooks, and Mark Spivak. The case was proved by conducting MRI testing, while presenting orders and smells to dogs who were trained to sit still in an MRI.

In the study’s conclusion, the dogs were able to sense their desired smell of their owners above all the smells that were familiar and unfamiliar to them.

For further information and a deeper analysis about the neuroimaging study, visit these two articles:

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