Why do dogs scoot on your cleaned carpet?

Catching your dog scooting across the floor again? Great chances are it is an area that we try to avoid on our canines, their anal glands. (Yikes!)

Don’t worry though! That’s why we have professional veterinarians to do the dirty work and properly fix the problem.

Source: Shutterstock

The anal glands in dogs are similar to the sweat glands, they produce a unique scent, known as pheromones, which are passed when there is a bowel movement.

Why do they need these scent glands?

Theoretically, they serve as a territorial marker. A “biochemical information” for other dogs to know about another dog. In a manner, butt sniffing of another’s pheromones is their version of “hello, who are you?”

When the gland becomes dry, or inflamed and the duct swells shut can lead to infections or abscessation of the gland(s).

It is important to call your veterinarian right away when your dog starts scooting excessively. What they will do is manually expressed their glands, or in some cases receive oral medication.

There are other possibilities other than anal gland problems.

Parasitic worms could be present, which can cause irritation to that area. Allergies are also another possibility lead to the scoot.  A change in environment or a change in diet can lead the itch.

Remember sometimes an itch is just an itch, and check to see if there is just fecal matter that needs to be cleaned and wiped up.

Cats can also do the scoot too.

It is very rare among cats, but it can indicate the same factors as dogs of that type of behavior.


-Brought to you by Julie F. and Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital


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