5 Tips to Help Calm Your Pet During Storm

  1. Provide a Safe Spot:
    Your companion’s crate can be a relaxing, hideaway place for them. Any small space can provide secure feelings. Crates are more effective if your pet has grown up using one. Do not use crates if your pet builds up anxiety from them.
  1. Counteract the Noise:
    Find a more quiet space for your pet and add comforting sounds to cover the sound of thunder. A great cover sound that works well is classical music. You can also distract your pet by using the radio, television, or “white noise.” Make sure the volume is not too loud so you are not adding on to their stress.
Source: pixabay.com
  1. Use Desensitization:
    Aid your pet’s fear. Some pets can overcome their fears by playing recordings of loud noises during times of calmness. Start off by playing the recordings at low levels and directing positive reinforcement with treats and affectionate petting. Then slowly increase the volume level over a period of time until it reaches the level your pet will encounter in real life.
  1. Use Electromagnetism:
    Might sound crazy, but experts believe your pet can become sensitized to electromagnetic radiation caused by lightning strikes. You can even purchase “Thundershirts” or special calming collars for your companion.
  2. Consult our Veterinarians:
    If their anxiety becomes very overwhelming, contact Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital or one of our sister sites and our Veterinarians can help relieve the stress and anxiety through prescription drugs or herbal/nutritional remedies.

Read more at http://www.petmd.com/dog/slideshows/care/thunderstorms-fireworks-and-dogs

-Brought to you by Julie F. and Parkway Small Animal & Exotic Hospital staff


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